Sunday, 21 February 2016


Day 11: Tetouan – Ceuta
Time: 2:10:13
Distance: 44.2km
Average Speed: 20.4km/h

For the 2nd day in a row the sun was shining in Chefchaouen and I would attempt to cycle to Ceuta. Some people in the hostel had heard about a landslide on the road that I had got stuck on yesterday so I decided to ask the bus station if they knew whether or not the road was open. All buses on the route were closed due to flooding and traffic was being diverted to the coast/mountain road. I decided to bus the 100km to Tetouan and carry on from there to Ceuta.

The bus journey was on narrow roads and involved several huge climbs and descents. Only one or 2 areas showed signs of yesterday's storm with some flooded houses and a road that seemed to be missing the left hand side.

Getting onto the Ceuta road from Tetouan was easy and the trip was mostly on straight roads with a cycle lane. The border crossing into Ceuta was quick and easy and I arrived before dark to find somewhere to stay. After about a half hour of roaming the streets I found a place on the main street. It's great to be in "Spain". I really like Morocco but the constant harassing from people running shops and restaurants as well as random con men roaming the streets takes it's toll after 2 weeks. There is a noticeable difference in walking the streets of Ceuta compared to any of the big Moroccan cities.

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