Saturday, 20 February 2016

Stage 2 to the Blue City

Day 9: Ain Dorij – Chefchaouen
Time: 7:33:32
Distance: 113.5km
Average Speed: 15km/h

I managed to get on the road before 8.30 this morning after coffee and pastries in the bakery up the street from the Roma Cafe where I was staying.

Ever since I've got into the province of Ouezzane the road quality has improved significantly. The roads here are as good as anything I've seen in Europe which is making life a lot easier.

I expected a day of climbing and that's just what I got with over 2000m. Today was probably the best day as regards cycling. There were a lot of long climbs with gentle gradients and the same went for the descents. The final kick into Chefchaouen was probably the steepest of the day but the town is a stunning site when the sun is shining.

I had planned to walk around the town for the evening but the rain had other ideas. Eventually, when the rain got a little lighter I managed to see a bit.

A few minutes after I arrived at the hostel 2 Argentinian girls who were in my hostel in Fes showed up. Then 3 Germans from the same hostel and later 3 Austrians that I had met on the bus to Meknes. Although I barely know these people it was nice to see familiar faces and Germans gave a round of applause when they saw that I had arrived before them. Most people in the hostel spent the evening wrapped up in blankets on the hostel roof. Some English lads brought some much appreciated Captain Morgan from the airport.

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