Friday, 12 February 2016


Day 5: Tahanaoute – Marrakech
Time: 1:10:25
Distance: 30.9km
Average Speed: 26.3km/h

Surprisingly it was pretty cold this morning. Last night in Tahanaoute was quiet. It's not really a tourist destination. There weren't many options on places to stay (I could only see one) so I stayed in a fancy place.

The cycle from Tahanaoute to Marrakech was more or less a straight line on a fast but bumpy road. I found the airbnb place easily (Thank you google maps) and met with the owner Khalid who made me some mint tea when I arrived. I haven't had a beer yet in Morocco since they don't really do pubs so I've been drinking mint tea all week. Khalid's place is an old Riad (mansion) with a central courtyard and rooftop garden. John, Romain and Paddy arrived at about 8pm with Khalid who had picked them up at the airport. We spent the evening wandering around the markets in Marrakech before going back to the Riad for some whiskey.

(Above is the pool in Tahanoute)

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