Friday, 19 February 2016

Back on the Road

Day 7: Meknes – Fes
Time: 5:29:44
Distance: 106.8km
Average Speed: 19.4km/h

The only time options for the bus from Marrakech to Meknes were 11PM, 1AM and 12 Midday. I decided on the 11PM option so that I could get on the road early once the journey was complete. It wasn't possible to prebook tickets so I bought my ticket at 9PM and spent from 9-11PM waiting outside the bus station since they don't allow bikes inside. The bus arrived in Meknes at 7.30AM and I made my way into the centre of town to get some breakfast and change into bike gear. Meknes was freezing at this time of the day and I didn't hang around for too long.

My first stop of the day was the Roman ruins of Volubilis. Locals stepped up to offer a guided tour but I was in a rush to get to Fes so I wasn't interested. I got in and out in less than a half an hour then went for lunch of beef tagine in Moulay Idress. The town itself is built into a hillside and the main street is a very steep climb. People either side of the street shouted encouragement (I think) as I made my way through. The rest of the day I encountered a lot of forks in the road where I had to decide which way was to Fes. Generally there wasn't a sign and my internet wasn't working so I'd wait a few minutes until a car arrived to check the way to Fes. I arrived at the hostel (Funky Fes) at around 5.30PM and luckily they had space since I didn't have a reservation.

The Medina of Fes has a more relaxed (less harassing) vibe than Marrakech. On the other hand since there are a lot more streets in old town Fes you get a lot more people offering to be "tour guides". There are several signs for one of the main landmarks in the town, the "Blue Gate" which I should have navigated back to instead of paying a dodgy guide to lead me to the hostel when I got a bit lost.

I had dinner in the hostel when I got back from getting lost in the Medina. There was a good crowd in the common room and Sam who I roomed with in Marrakech had travelled up on the train a few hours before. Most of the people that I met in the hostel seem to be on their way to Chefchaouen where I'll be on Friday hopefully.

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