Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Extra Rest Days in Marrakech

I've spent the last 2 days in one of the nicest hostels that I've ever stayed at called Equity Point. It's in the middle of the market down some dodgy looking lanes and tunnels and is a Riad (mansion). I've been rooming with Sam from England who's travelling around Morocco for the last few weeks and will continue on for the next few months. The reason for these extra rest days is the condition that my bike is in. While I've waited for repairs I've eaten serious amounts of food (the hostel does a great breakfast) and tried to plan the remainder of the trip.

Today I found the Mechoui Alley of Marrakech. Mechoui is slow roasted lamb and the alley is a series of stalls where they chop off pieces of lamb for you on the spot. The lamb seems to come from a pit in the ground. I'd strongly recommend this place to all non-vegetarians in Marrakech.

Highlight of the day was getting my bike back from the guys at Argan Extreme Sports. I really appreciate the effort that Saif and the lads went to get me back on the road again. The bike is in great condition and I'll hopefully be on the road again tomorrow.

Tonight I plan to take the 8 hour night bus from Marrakech to Meknes. If I manage to sleep a bit I'll get straight onto the bike in Meknes and aim for Fes via the Roman ruins of Volubilis.


  1. Pleasure to have met and travelled with you Paul. Blog continues to make good reading and decent imagery too. Climbing the rock huh, nice. Will await more content as and when. Sam