Friday, 12 February 2016

Snakes and Monkeys

Day 6: Rest Day - Marrakech

A well needed rest day after all the climbing of the last few days. We ate well today since tomorrow will involve a lot of climbing. Our airbnb host Khalid made us breakfast and lunch at the house.

A few photos were taken with snakes and apes in the main square and we visited a tannery. The tannery smells like a livestock mart and looks like the worst place to work possible.

Towards the end of the day we picked up rental bikes for tomorrow. At the rental shop the mechanic fitted my new derailleur but the dropout that got bent a few days ago is unusable. The owner of the shop looked at every bike he had available for another dropout but couldn't find anything. In the end the mechanic put one in that doesn't really fit but the bike will be stable for the rest of the trip. The owner only charged for 1 day even though we're picking the bikes up on Friday and returning them Sunday.

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